Wrap up of the First Emerging Occ Psych Programme and Future Directions

By Amanda Lopes Pacca

Closing of the first cohort and what’s next?

Our session started with love, enthusiasm, and openness. Our team witnessed this: the frankness and honesty with which the participants gave us feedback and participated in our closing celebration.

Some of the positive feedback talks include the experience of meaningful connection with different individuals, networking, and fruitful discussion with professionals interested in your working life and how they can help you improve it.

All of the programme was developed with transparency and constant care to promote the best experience for young and older career professionals. I can state with certainty the mission of this team: to provide opportunities for human beings to develop professionally and humanly and to find new paths.

In this sense, the team celebrated. At the same time that we are closing a cycle – working with much “sweat” and dedication – we are opening the doors to a new time.

It’s time to grow and expand this incredible work, which already in the first edition influenced many professionals in many ways – in the middle of the pandemic.

We are living in confusing times – but our team is trying to bring hope again. With time, the path taken into the professional world demands the subject and gives him the most diverse experiences. But there is hope, and it begins with a dream. That’s why our “Emerging Occ Psychs” mentoring program is launching its second cohort – with the possibility to enjoy and learn from professionals in the field of occupational psychology work, bringing you hope and helping you with your dreams. 

Besides that, we will bring more structure, more dissemination through social networks, building interactions, and interviewing specialists about varied themes that you can also contribute. Furthermore, we will make improvements concerning our “Emerging Occ Psychs” mentoring program. Adjustments will be made based on the participants’ feedback to provide you an experience that pushes you into the professional world and enables you to improve yourself in diverse areas.

The expansion of consciousness happens through knowledge. It is the dissemination of this knowledge that motivates us to go further. We have considered all the feedback from the first year, and we will improve it thoroughly for the second year of this journey.

Are you ready? We hope that we can count on you. Look inside yourself and speak out. Our mission is to make you feel belong to the profession. Come share or teach in events, mentoring programs and help the world understand the richness of psychology for humanity.

We will soon put our news into practice! Contact us and seek in knowledge the possible choices to be made every day in your daily life.

About the Author

Amanda Lopes Pacca

Amanda is a final year student of the WOP-P Master in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology. Brazilian by birth, her journey into psychology began before she graduated, at the age of 17, when she came into contact with Psychoanalysis. From then on, her passion for understanding the human mind expanded, and she graduated in Psychological Sciences at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. In her last year to become an occupational psychologist, her topics of interest cross all human nature, including leadership, psychological empowerment, emotional health, and mental problems. Her hope of contributing to the blog is that this vast universe of psychology could be accessible to as many people as possible through writing. Psychology has a long past but a short history. In this sense, psychology professionals owe it to the world of psychology and its precious knowledge to expand that so more people can think better about themselves, the world, and their desires.