Emerging Occ Psychs

The deadline for Mentors and Mentees joining the 2020/2021 programme has passed, but you can still join as a ‘Gold Level’ Member by submitting your name and email address below.

OP is a popular and ever-growing profession with a steady stream of graduates looking to enter the job market. Yet many will find the transition from education to employment a difficult one. This is why we here at ‘Psychology at Work’ have decided to launch our ‘Emerging Occ Psychs’ initiative. EOP will offer recent graduates and early career professionals in the field of OP the opportunity to take part in a 9-month programme of support and learning as an EOP ‘Mentee’. This support will be provided by a team of EOP Mentors – experienced OP professionals with expertise in a range of OP-related areas of work.

The 2020/2021 EOP Cohort will run for 9 consecutive months from October 2020.

How to be an EOP Mentee

The EOP uses a 2-tier system for Mentees:

‘Gold-level’ Mentees receive free access to all content provided by the EOP initiative, including access to panel discussions, webinars and workshops.

‘Platinum-level’ Mentees receive all the benefits of Gold level, but are also paired with an EOP Mentor. This will involve 9 private monthly 1-on-1 call between the Mentor and the Mentee.

How to get involved!

If you are interested in taking part in the EOP initiative as either a Mentee or Mentor, please click the link below for more details on how to apply.

Become an EOP Mentee

Are you interested in taking part in the EOP initiative as a mentee? If so, click the link above to check your eligibility and learn about the various requirements, expectations, and opportunities that will come with being accepted as an EOP mentee!

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Become an EOP Mentor

Interested in becoming a Mentor for the Emerging Occ Psychs initiative? Click the link above to see the requirements, expectations, and opportunities that becoming an EOP Mentor will bring!

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If you want more information, drop us a message using the details below!