About Us

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.


Nikita Mikhailov

Nikita Mikhailov is a Psychometrician, his mission is to share the goodness of psychology. He is Business Psychologist, and a member of the British Psychological Society. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, start ups, individuals and couples. He specialises in supporting companies in recruitment and development of talent through a combination of psychometrics and coaching. His particular interest lies in how personality assessments can be used to increase self awareness and to help people make practical steps towards being more effective leaders and living more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Dr David Biggs

David is a HCPC registered Occupational Psychologist and chartered through the British Psychological Society (BPS). David’s background is in academia (lecturing and management), business development and consulting. He jointly heads up the Division of Occupational Psychology Training Committee for the British Psychological Society that accredits MSc’s and doctorates in Occupational Psychology in the UK.  David assesses and supervises on the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (DOP) that gives chartered status and HCPC registration for successful candidates. David’s research interests are in consulting, non-traditional work and artificial intelligence.

Hardeep Virdi

Hardeep is an established Senior Learning & Development professional who has built her career working internally within organisations as a Psychologist. Specialist in Leadership Development, Talent & Succession Development, Executive 1:1 and team based coaching, and development based Psychometrics. Mainly working with Executive Boards/Senior levels in global matrix, complex and diverse organisations.


Carina Cretu

Carina is a final-year Psychology and Mental Health student with a diverse background in animal and socio-political research, peer mentoring, and helpline counselling. She will soon be pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Psychology, having recently discovered her passion for applying psychology in the workplace. She is particularly interested in promoting wellbeing and reducing stress at work, which she believes is a defining factor in mental health and interpersonal relationships. Carina joined PsychologyAtWork.blog to assist the expansion of Occupational Psychology in the UK by helping her peers find opportunities and succeed in the field.

Eloise Mason

Eloise is currently working towards an undergraduate Sport and Exercise psychology degree and has a place to begin a masters in Occupational psychology in September. Her interest in psychology began as a sports coach, where she observed changes in motivation, confidence and experienced what skills were essential to be a good leader. She believes that an effective team, supported by a strong leader is a key contributor to a thriving organization. By assisting with the PsychologyAtWork.blog, Eloise hopes to share the importance of psychological principles in the workplace and help provide support and useful resources to those considering this career path.

Alethea Sarrahwitz

Alethea is a MSc student in Occupational and Organizational Psychology and holds a master’s degree in International Education and Development, is an undergraduate in Human resource management and labour law. Alethea has gained over 9 years’ experience in human resource management and is deeply passionate about education and its capital resource in the workplace. She thrives on the value of sharing knowledge in an organisation and understands the impact of its gains on the success not only on a micro level, but all the way to the macro level. And acknowledges the importance of providing quality information that is relevant in order to achieve the objective. Alethea is looking forward to contributing her knowledge she has gained through her work experience and education as well as being able to contribute to the development of Emerging Occupational and Organisational psychologists (EOP) initiative.

Amanda Lopes Pacca

Amanda is a final year student of the WOP-P Master in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology. Brazilian by birth, her journey into psychology began before she graduated, at the age of 17, when she came into contact with Psychoanalysis. From then on, her passion for understanding the human mind expanded, and she graduated in Psychological Sciences at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. In her last year to become an occupational psychologist, her topics of interest cross all human nature, including leadership, psychological empowerment, emotional health, and mental problems. Her hope of contributing to the blog is that this vast universe of psychology could be accessible to as many people as possible through writing. Psychology has a long past but a short history. In this sense, psychology professionals owe it to the world of psychology and its precious knowledge to expand that so more people can think better about themselves, the world, and their desires.

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