Recommended Media

We have curated a repository of information designed to explore the ever-expanding insight offered by Occupational Psychology. We are frequently adding to this content, which includes recommended podcasts, videos and YouTube channels. Please note: clicking the links will redirect you to a third party site.

Christian Jarrett: Myths and facts about the brain and learning [Video]

This talk will debunk 5 myths about the brain and learning, but will also provide an overview of 5 psychology-based concepts to help boost learning and development practice.

Confessions of a passionate introvert: Brian Little at TEDxOxbridge [Video]

The funny and entertaining Brian Little leads us to consider the introverts and extraverts in our lives, why we sometimes act out of character, and what we can do about it.

Careers Outside of Academia [Video]

A wonderful video on jobs outside of academia for psychology professionals by the Association for Psychological Science.

Human Emotion 1.1: Course Overview by June Gruber [Lecture Series]

Introduction to a lecture course by Yale on Human Emotions by June Gruber, an exceptional exploration of this fascinating aspect of the human condition.

Blog of the European Journal of Personality [Blog]

The European journal of personality promotes the development of all areas of current empirical and theoretical personality psychology.

Why Pseudoscience Belongs in the Psychology Classroom [Video]

A fascinating lecture on why pseudoscience belongs in the psychology classrooms the Association for Psychological Science.

My Pocket Psych [Podcast]

“My Pocket Psych” is a fortnightly podcast all about the psychology of the workplace. Presented by Dr. Richard MacKinnon and Pilar Orti, the podcast has dozens of episodes. It can be accessed from the website, but can also be found on Spotify and iTunes.

Why Are People Different?: Differences [Video]

This introductory lecture by Yale is top notch, introducing individual differences including personality and ability. This is lecture 13 of a 20-lecture series.

Advancing the Science and Practice of Personality Assessment [YouTube Channel]

A treasure trove of in depth lectures on everything personality from occupational to clinical. Absolutely fascinating!

Measuring Personality: Crash Course Psychology [Video]

The good thing about the modern world is the amount of personality related goodness on the internet:) So the best place to start in your exploration of personality, is this brilliant 15 min video by crash course. It gives an entertaining, funny introduction to history of personality research as well as the current models like the BIG 5.

Personality Dynamics [Video]

Does personality change? How we change? Why we change? These are the questions that Nikita Mikhailov tries to address in this extrovertedly neurotic webinar.

Personality and Culture Assessments at Work [Podcast]

Behavioural Scientist Aaron Halliday had the pleasure of hosting our very own Nikita Mikhailov on his podcast, where the topics of discussion included role of personality and cultural assessment in the world of work, the challenges of the assessment industry, and the many ethical and philosophical debates that stem from the use of psychological assessment in the world of work.

Society for Personality and Social Psychology [YouTube Channel]

A great collection of videos on the subject, including quick introductory talks to topics like personality, political difference and lots of other goodness.

On the Sidelines with Tim Judge – “Do Nice Guys and Gals Really Finish Last?” [Video]

In this video, Tim Judge talks about the role of Agreeableness and Leadership, pay, gender and many other topics to explore the age old question “Do good guys, finish last” (the sound is awful for the first 5-7 mins).

Stanford Lecture on Individual Differences [Video]

This lecture is delivered by the brilliant Robert Sapolsky, and sits within a larger collection of 25 lectures focussing on the biology behind human behaviour.